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Gabriella Dias was born in 1996, in the state of Minas Gerais, she lived in several cities throughout her childhood and youth, in which she memorizes a captivating experience: A work carried out between 2017 and 2019, at Navegare Art gallery, assembling and organizing exhibitions at the international meetings of watercolorists in Paraty - RJ.

Perhaps this would be the beginning of a restlessness that she did not know what it was really about. Graduated in Letters - Portuguese Language in 2019, her artistic vein was visible, but she started to flourish after discovering that she could create more than poems and collages.

She dedicated herself to drawings and prints, exploring modalities and with different media. "I've always been connected to themes related to museums and galleries, I got inspirations that came from nature, something that I really appreciate and that cherishes me in an unparalleled way. Such restlessness became a goal, that of producing art, based on nature that preserves us," she told a colleague one night.

She declares herself a painter since 2019, preferring acrylic paint on canvas, and themes that range from still life, botany, birds, and prints, but what she really likes to paint are animals, of any kind.

She currently lives in São Paulo and works as a painter fulltime.

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